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“Dad. Look at me. I can fly.”


I have a cartoon taped to my rolltop.  It’s a good example of the tribulations of a newbie writer.  A publishing editor sits behind a sturdy desk, gripping a thick manuscript.  He’s smiling at the author sitting across from him and says, “We loved all the words in your manuscript, but we were wondering if you could put them in a completely different order.”

Yes, I am a newbie writer.  However, I got an amazing phone call last week.  The kind of news that had me popping the cork on a bottle of Domaine Chandone, removing a crystal champagne flute, and calling my father in Colorado.  My father told me at a young age there wasn’t anything beyond my grasp if I wanted it badly enough. (It was one of those talks you give your children when they excel in physical education, but lack interest in the three R’s)  I was one of those smart mouthed kids that had to have the last word.  I smiled up at my father and said, “Okay. I want to fly like a bird.” My father nodded and replied, “Believe in yourself and everything is possible.”  Why was I wasting my time walking when I could fly?  I shared my newfound information with my older sister, Pam.  We raced up the back stairs, crawled out our bedroom window, landed on the roof of our two-storey Victorian, and surveyed the roof line.  We weren’t stupid.  If planes needed a runway before takeoff, we would, too.  I began furiously flapping my arms.  My stellar grades in physical education were about to pay off.  “Let’s fly,” I said, glancing at my sister with her arms at her side.  Why didn’t my sister know the basics of human flight?  “You go first.  I’ll be behind you,” Pam said.  What?  The sister I knew would never let me have the honor of the first human to fly with nothing but sheer willpower.  “Wait a minute,” I said.  “I thought you’d go first.  You’re the oldest and do everything before me.”  We looked at each other and both knew in an instant that neither one of us wanted to fly badly enough to take the first leap.

I’m now older than my father was when he told me I could fly.  He didn’t lie.  Last week I got a call from amazing literary agent Victoria Lea at Aponte Literary.  She liked my offbeat/quirky manuscript and wanted to represent me.  I flew on Sept. 18, 2012 and my feet have yet to touch the ground.  Please click on the Aponte Literary website.  It provides excellent information for writers.


I’ve Arrived


For someone who calls C.D’s “tapes”, this is a big deal.  I’m not a techy person, but writing is my passion.  This blog was created to share my thoughts which are often referred to as “different”.  Some impolite people have used words to describe my style as “weird”, “strange” or even “nutty”.  With pride and a slight smile, you should know…they’re right.