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Happy New Year


Yesterday Is History
Tomorrow Is Mystery
Today Is A Gift

(Eleanor Roosevelt)

Clancy selected this photo because of the gold border and ribbon. When Clancy hears her name, she literally sees flecks of gold fairy dust.


Nike Coke Holder



I have an extra refrigerator in my garage that I stock with pop. (Yes. I grew up in the midwest and don’t call carbonated drinks soda) I allow my grandchildren to help themselves without asking permission. Over the holidays, one of my grandsons stuck a Coke in his shoe by the front door. I can’t think of a better foolproof method to remember a can of pop for the road. How smart is that? The kid will go far.

Ask The Expert For All Your Household Needs


Click on comments and ask a question in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box. No problem too large or small for Clancy to solve.

Some of My Best Friends Are Fictional


Clancy entered my life three years ago and instantly became my favorite imaginary friend.  Oh, sure, we had plenty of heated discussions while collaborating on my third manuscript The Taste of Orange.  I’ll be the first one to admit that we don’t have a lot in common.  Clancy’s a scrappy thirty-two-year-old housekeeper with a peculiar interest in her five senses, and I’m a retired, straightforward, motherly figure.  Clancy has bizarre quirks and shares them with whoever will listen.  I prefer to keep my life private.  And don’t get me started on my addiction to NyQuil because she’d wake me three to four times a night with frugal cleaning tips, unique ways to torture her antagonist, ideas for a plot twist, or her incessant need to create new characters to befriend.  Follow our Taste of Orange Journey as we retell our mistakes and triumphs in an industry where only 2% of submitted manuscripts end up on the bookshelves.

Clancy goes on vacation when I experience writer’s block.  That’s when you’ll find a new post in Mitzi’s Muses.

Coming soon . . . how Clancy magically appeared and then refused to leave.

Dang.  As I reach to turn off the computer, Clancy comes to life.   Presto.  Alakaboom.

“You promised we’d work on the blog together.  Two minds are better than one,” CIancy says.  “The first paragraph makes me seem irrational.  And what’s with the last line and my refusing to leave statement?  It’s a tad snide.”

“Get out of my head.  We can make changes tomorrow,” I say, staring at the computer monitor with dry eyes.

“Why are you putting two spaces after your punctuation marks?  I thought editors prefered one.”

“Habit.  And you have no right to complain since I do all the typing.” 

If I switch the radio station to rap it will silence Clancy.  But then again, she’s right about this blog belonging to both of us. 

“Fine.  It’s a quick edit.”

Coming soon . . . how Clancy and Mitzi bonded like sisters.

Clancy tweets @JustClancy

Teenager In Near Coma After Decorating Christmas Tree


lunapic_135966762232109_2 keegan snow

My brother emailed this picture of my nephew, Keegan, with the following message . . . Poor kid strung lights on the bottom branches of the Christmas tree.  He’s exhausted.

I’m always happy to lend a helping hand.   Maybe virtual snow will perk up my nephew.

Help Santa Keep His Suit Clean


Sprinkle a cup of salt over the logs before basking in the glow of the blazing hearth.  It’ll stop creosote from forming in your chimney.  Clancy taught this helpful tip to her employer, Mrs. Codington, and she’s never needed the services of a chimney sweeper.

Fake Febreze


  • 1/8 cup fabric softener
  • 2 Tbsp Baking Soda
  • Warm water to fill 32 oz. bottle

Pour first two ingredients in a spray bottle.  Add warm water and shake.  Although it costs $.48 a bottle, Clancy has a cheaper way to remove foul odors.  She dips a rag in equal parts of water and vinegar, rings out the excess liquid, and walks from room to room while swinging the towel above her head.