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Not The Boston Tea Party!



It makes me sad to see wall mounted animal heads, but it’s worse when you come across a display like this in the taxidermy museum . . . because the animals were enjoying a tea party when some fool shot them.



mySuperLamePic_8a019e7701d16874e59ab358bf1347d5 new buzzard

Found this photo of myself while rummaging through an old steamer trunk. Snapshot gives a new meaning to the phrase “It’s all in the delivery.”

Nike Coke Holder



I have an extra refrigerator in my garage that I stock with pop. (Yes. I grew up in the midwest and don’t call carbonated drinks soda) I allow my grandchildren to help themselves without asking permission. Over the holidays, one of my grandsons stuck a Coke in his shoe by the front door. I can’t think of a better foolproof method to remember a can of pop for the road. How smart is that? The kid will go far.